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We work with everyone – children, pregnant women, Moms, Dads, young faces and older people, the ones who do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself, the ones that have been rejected at some point in their lives, and the ones who have difficulties making decisions and those who are not understood by others; simply all who have a toothpain.


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Healthy and white teeth are what we all want.
Why only few would have them?
Right here you can find all treatments related to your teeth.


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We collaborate with surgeons, orthodontists, and periodontists in order to provide all kinds ofdental treatments.


"The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter. The moment it arises, all your irritations and resentments slip away, and the sunny spirit takes their place."

Mark Twain

Do not let your smile suffers because of an inadequate teeth care.


Prosthetic treatment

More extensive damage of the tooth requires a prosthetic replacement (crown, ceramic veneer, bridge). Color, shape and size have to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding teeth and create ad functional and aesthetic whole. Today’s materials enable a true reproduction of the former state and improvement of the overall look.

Ceramic veeners

Treatment for teeth which are not aesthetically satisfactory due to their inherent or incurred changes.


Inlay-Onlay replaces a large portion of the tooth damaged by caries, an old amalgam filling or fracture.

Ceramic crowns

We have several options for crowns, depending on material. Empress full ceramic crowns for achieving better aesthetics. Ceramics on zirconium white zirconium color (color adapted to natural tooth color) as a foundation for ceramic layers providing a vibrant, natural color to even the smallest teeth. Strength and durability or zirconium rivals that of the hardest metals. Metal-ceramic crowns, a metal base on which ceramic layers are baked. Metal can be steel, titanium (strong, computer designed, metal which is best accepted by the body so it causes less irritation of gums) and Gold.


Prosthetics are a mobile replacement, multiple artificial teeth on an acrylic or metal base, used in case all other possibilities have been exhausted.

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