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We work with everyone – children, pregnant women, Moms, Dads, young faces and older people, the ones who do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself, the ones that have been rejected at some point in their lives, and the ones who have difficulties making decisions and those who are not understood by others; simply all who have a toothpain.


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Healthy and white teeth are what we all want.
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We collaborate with surgeons, orthodontists, and periodontists in order to provide all kinds ofdental treatments.


"The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter. The moment it arises, all your irritations and resentments slip away, and the sunny spirit takes their place."

Mark Twain

Do not let your smile suffers because of an inadequate teeth care.



A healthy gingiva firmly adheres to the tooth. Plaque and tartar buildup, retention of plaque on poor fillings, caries damaged teeth and old prosthetic replacements leads to gingival inflammation and paradontosis. Dental plaque – after brushing, dental plaque deposits containing bacteria starts to build up on teeth. The process of mineralization creates hard layers of dental tartar.

Professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning includes removal of soft and hard deposits on teeth, above and below the gum line, using ultrasonic cleaning instruments. After cleaning, teeth are polished and sandblasted. Sandblasting removes pigmentation and fine deposits on tooth surfaces, which in turn become brighter, shinier and smoother, reducing sedimentation of new tartar.


Gingivitis is an inflammatory disease of gum tissue (gingiva). Treatment is removing of plaque and dental tartar.


Periodontitis inflammatory disease of the supporting tooth structures, developing from gingivitis. Treatment is professional teeth cleaning, initial periodontal treatment and periodontal surgical procedure.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment the goal is to suspend the inflammation and bone loss and ensure healing of pockets through professional teeth cleaning and remove dental tartar from pockets using gingival curettage, cleaning roots and removing bacteria.

Gingival recession - pulling back of gum tissue

Periodontal surgery

Guided bone and tissue regeneration restores lost natural bone.

Lenghtening of the clinical crown achieving symmetry of tooth length

Frenectomy - removing abnormally developed frenulum.

Covering exposed roots of teeth

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