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Implants are tooth replacements. They are comprised of titanium screws inserted into the jaw and a superstructure replacing the lost tooth. Implants can be used on all patients. Advantages of implants Preservation of natural teeth, improved function, reduced loss of bone tissue, aesthetics. Implanting procedure conducted under local anesthetics in the dental practice. Before the implanting procedure, health of teeth and gums is checked, as well as total health of every patient.

Implanting methods

Classical method

Classical method of dental implanting, most often conducted in 2-3 phases. First the tooth is extracted, then the implant is inserted, and finally a ceramic crown is fitted. This procedure leaves a lot of time for healing between phases. During this time, the patient wears temporary crowns.

Rapid implantation - Immediate loaded implants

Rapid implantation is used when 2 or 3 phases are conducted within a span of a few days. When multiple teeth are missing, several implants are inserted and the edentulous (toothless) areas are reconstructed with bridges and crowns on implants.

There are several methods for restoring sequences of missing teeth:

Combined work - prosthesis on dental implants

Combined work - prosthesis on dental implants uses a dental prosthesis to replace all teeth, where implants perform a function of anchors for the prosthesis which can in turn be taken out and cleaned. Advantages of prosthesis are their good stability, better fit, less distraction during speaking, easier consummation of food and a more natural feel for the patient.

Combined work - bridges on dental implants

Combined work - bridges on dental implants used for replacement of all teeth. Implants perform a function of tooth roots, used to anchor a fixed bridge. A fixed bridge on dental implants is the equivalent of your natural teeth. It can be installed in the upper or lower jaw. Advantages of the bridge are their appearance of natural new teeth, then do not impair speech, the patient has no problems with loose dentures and has a completely natural feel in the mouth.

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