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We collaborate with surgeons, orthodontists, and periodontists in order to provide all kinds ofdental treatments.


"The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter. The moment it arises, all your irritations and resentments slip away, and the sunny spirit takes their place."

Mark Twain

Do not let your smile suffers because of an inadequate teeth care.


Aesthetics in dentistry

A beautiful smile changes the entire face.

This is achieved through high aesthetic criteria. Restorative dentistry, prosthetics, orthodontics and periodontology unite in one common task: to improve patient appearance. Today’s fillings, crowns, bridges and prosthetics have to be aesthetical.

Aesthetic fillings

All aesthetic fillings are made from high quality composite materials, and through their quality, adequate fabrication and durability contribute to the health of teeth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth can be whitened in several ways, and all are efficient and useful for teeth. WHITENING OF ALL THEETH is conducted in one treatment lasting about an hour. The effect of the gel is completely visible within 48 hours. Results are superb. WHITENING OF AN INDIVIDUAL TOOTH is conducted to remedy tooth color changes after inadequate treatment, inherent unsuitable color or trauma. Methods are neither painful nor demanding, and they are very successful. Whitening can also be accomplished on aesthetic crowns. In ALL methods, it is recommended to avoid smoking, consummation of colored foods and liquids. Whitening can bring back the smile and confidence to your face with beautiful WHITE teeth.

Intraoral sandblasting

Intraoral sandblasting is a purely aesthetic procedure used to remove pigmentation from teeth and achieve a color change. The procedure itself is painless and comfortable for the patient. Treated teeth are less prone to plaque and tartar buildup. After treatment teeth are highly polished and shiny.

Zubi prije pjeskarenja Zubi poslije pjeskarenja

Dental jewelry

Dental jewelry used to complete and add a sparkle to your smile. Jewelry can be zirconium or real diamond. Bonding to the surface of the tooth is completely painless, quick and simple.


Veneers are thin ceramic or composite material pieces that are permanently bonded to the front surface of your tooth. They are ideal for improving the appearance of teeth because they completely imitate natural teeth in color and transparency. Veneers can be used to change the color, shape, size and position of a certain tooth, reduce the gap between teeth, and correct discolored teeth, teeth of various lengths or chipped teeth. They can also be an alternative to orthodontic therapy. Ceramic veneers are superior in quality and aesthetics, and last much longer than composite veneers.



Crowns are caps covering your tooth, restoring its natural look, size, color, strength and function, at the same time protecting the tooth from fracturing or chipping. They are used for severely damaged teeth, crooked teeth and teeth with bad color or shape. Color, size and position of the crowns have to be in complete harmony with surrounding natural teeth and create a functional and aesthetical whole. Various types of crowns can be bonded to natural teeth, teeth with abutments and implants.

Aesthetic ceramic crowns

Zirconium is a high quality material characteristic for its quality and biocompatibility. At the same time, it offers a natural appearance of restored teeth. Zirconium is used for tooth replacement, since it is translucent (meaning it lets light shine through), creating a completely natural look.

E.max ceramics. A fully ceramic crown providing exquisite aesthetics due to their transparency and translucency, abilities that imitate natural teeth. It is mainly used on prepared natural teeth. If the tooth after preparation is a nice white color, this material will yield the best results.

Metal ceramic crowns (titanium, steel) a ceramic crown with a metal base.

Paradontology treatment

Besides our medical approach to therapy of dental diseases of teeth and gums, we can also improve their aesthetics. Healthy gums and fresh breath are very important, since swollen, read and bleeding gums are neither pretty nor suitable for day-to-day communication.


Orthodontics deals with correction of improper position of tooth and relation between jaws. Orthodontic treatment accomplishes impressive changes in appearance. In order to make your orthodontic device (orthodontic braces) less visible, we offer clear braces and so-called invisible braces (braces installed on the backside of the teeth). Therapy is conducted with MOBILE DENTAL BRACES (for children) or FIXED DENTAL BRACES In fixed therapy, braces are bonded to teeth and the device is permanently worn. Besides clear braces that are not very visible, there are also so-called invisible orthodontic braces, where braces are bonded to the backside of your teeth.

Aesthetic surgical treatments

Lengthening of the clinical crown, Frenectomy.

Ridge augmentation – filling ridge defects with artificial bone or connective tissues.

Guided bone and tissue regeneration – recovering lost bone tissue.

Covering exposed tooth roots – covering exposed roots of teeth.

Aesthetic gum correction – achieving gingival symmetry on two neighboring teeth.

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